Electronic resource management

Take control of your online resources, record use and recover costs.

Manage, connect, report & recover.

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What is Onelog?

You use web resources from a lot of different vendors. Forming a coherent policy on the use of web resources can be problematic and complicated. There are many hurdles to overcome to ensure that best use is made of these resources. You may want to reduce costs or increase productivity, or simply know how your resources are being used. Onelog has a range of solutions to help you make the most of your online resource portfolio.


Your range of electronic resources including logon credentials


To all your electronic resources seamlessly without having to remember passwords.


On all electronic resources, track the frequency and duration of usage.


Costs associated with resource usage and staff time.

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Onelog Base

Onelog is available as a set of modules. This means that your Onelog solution provides the functionality that you need with as little complication as possible. You can start with any module combination and add modules as you think appropriate. Onelog Base is the core module and every Onelog system will have it. Click on each of the module names for more information.

Why Onelog?

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